Mechanic Two Posts Lift > IKL 3.0 E

Mechanic Two Posts Lift

Mechanic Synchronization with base structure
• Fully electronic synchronization control system with micro-processor and optical sensors
• If the height difference between two columns exceeds 12 mm, control system balances the lift, if it exceeds 50 mm control system stops the lift automatically and run the safety mode
• Because of not having a base fitting, there is elegant and modern appearence. It has ergonomic usage, as well

Lifting capacity 3000 Kg.
Total height 2650 mm.
Max. lifting height 1950 mm.
Distance between columns 2445 mm.
Distance between columns 2335 mm.
Lowest loading height 120 mm.
Width 3260 mm.
Front arms min. movement radius 625 mm.
Front arms max. movement radius 880 mm.
Rear arms min. movement radius 775 mm.
Rear arms max. movement radius 1120 mm.
Motor Three Phase 380 V. / 50 Hz. 3Hp.x2 adet Unit
Mechanic Two Posts Lift